Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Guest blogger: Tower Lowe

 5 Things you don't know about Tower Lowe

  1. I published a romance story about falling in love over ice cream flavors. (They merged their cones at the end.)
  2. My favorite flavor to fall in love over is Jamoca Almond Fudge. (Deliciously delightful dessert.)
  3. I take a once-a-day dose of dark chocolate squares. (Doesn't one dose of chocolate a day keep the doctor away?)
  4. I dated a chocolate vendor for two months. (But the chocolate was better than the vendor.)
  5. I know how to make a chocolate bourbon pecan pie. (Now that's true love.)

If anything happens to me… That phrase from Gloria’s email haunts Molly as she bounces around half-conscious in a dark space. Later, she opens her eyes in a small house with all the windows bricked shut and the door boarded from the outside. Her kidnapper has taken her keys, her cell phone, and her purse. Molly scrambles through the house, looking for any sign of life, any hope of escape, but the house is abandoned and she sees no way out.The kidnapping of former fraud investigator Molly Donovan follows Gloria’s murder, an event witnessed by Molly and PI Miguel Alvarez. Gloria’s mysterious email throws the two investigators together in a frantic search for the perp. A stranger traps Molly inside the abandoned house while an old friend sucks Miguel into his troubled past. Molly trusts Miguel until a series of notes incriminates him and leaves Molly on her own to investigate a sex cult, missing money, and jaded love.

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