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Guest blogger: James Moushon


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Joy, the Little Girl from Hope:

A Summer at The North Pole 2021

Again, this year you can get a Christmas Short Read for Free. It is Humorous and Sad. You can hear about Santa during the summer at the North Pole. And you will fall in love with Joy from Hope, Arkansas. Last year it was Number One Short Read on Amazon during the Christmas Season.

We join Santa and Ms. Claus relaxing on the porch after a hard day’s work. It is summertime at the ranch as everyone prepares for Christmas Eve. Many things have changed over the years but the goal of bringing joy to the world is still the same. Things are just more modern now.
One of the tasks Ms. Claus oversees is the many letters received from children. Just as things seem to be going smoothly, they receive a heartbreaking letter that changes the mode of the day. Santa must take care of this problem immediately.

FREE at Amazon from 12/20/21 through 12/25/21. Click this Amazon link.

A great story to share with your family and friends.
#1 in 30-Minute Literature & Fiction Short Reads

I have added some Christmas music to get you into the Holiday Spirit. You can listen to it on YouTube: https://youtu.be/IZmK7RJpVAo
Merry Christmas everyone.

Saturday, December 18, 2021



2nd Edition
Revised 6-11-12

Jenna is six when her parents die in a tragic car crash leaving her and her two sisters orphans. With no one to care for them they move in with their grandmother in the town of Snow Hollow where more than just a normal life awaits them. Jenna soon discovers that she is not like other girls, a fact she's felt since birth. When her grandmother finally reveals her secret Jenna is blown away by not only the fact that she's a witch, but that she is THE witch. The Ultimate One who controls the powers of the coven.

After her grandmother's death when she turned 26 Jenna finds out another secret. She is the only one left to protect her home from the evil demons wanting to steal her world away from her.

When Jenna meets Jacob, her sexy warlock protector, the sparks fly from day one. She is determined to protect her family her way, but will it be enough? She will need Jacob, but will their passion for one another be enough to save their world as they know it and keep her sisters safe?

Amazon Best Seller
#57 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks >Romance >Anthologies

2nd Edition
Revised 6-11-12

The Story of the Addison witches continue in "The Witches Of Snow Hollow Book Two Jamie's Story"

Jamie Addison returns to Snow Hollow to ask her sister, Jenna, for her blessing to marry the man she loves, Danny. When she gets there she finds out that she has been under a love spell the entire time and that Danny has also put a bind on her powers. Danny has been after the Addison house all along and plans to kill the sisters.

Jenna and her husband ,Jacob, vow to protect her. Jacob calls his cousin, Drake, over to protect her while the four of them plan their attack on Danny. The only way for Jamie to get her powers back is for them to kill the demon that put the spell on her.

Drake never leaves Jamie's side while it's his job to protect her. In the process of protecting her he falls in love with her. Jamie is torn between if her feelings for him are true of if it is a side effect of the spell that has been put on her.

Will Jamie's family be able to protect her or will the demon win?

Amazon Best Seller
#88 Kindle eBooks > Romance >Paranormal >Demons & Devils

2nd Edition
Revised 6-11-12

The story of the Addison witches continues with Jackie Addison. Jackie falls in love with a vampire named Ricky and plans to take him to Snow Hollow to help fight the long awaited lunar eclipse battle. She knows that she has to get the blessing of her sister Jenna before the relationship can blossom. This is going to be a very difficult task to compete since her sister Jamie fell in love with a demon who tried to kill her. How was Jackie going to convince Jenna that Ricky was different. She knew he loved her for real and would never hurt her.

Ricky may be a vampire but he is different. He fights demons night after night side by side with Jackie. He fights demons with her but can he help protect the Addison house during the most important battle of their year? Can he win Jenna's trust so that he can be with Jackie? Will the Addison witches win this fight?

Lizzy Stevens continues the Snow Hollow Saga with “My Vampire Savior”
Jennifer, a new witch, must team up with Vampires to save her life from a demon who is trying to kill her. She must ask for the help of Jenna Addison to train her for battle and teach her to be a more powerful witch than she is.

Thursday, December 16, 2021

ON SALE FOR THE HOLIDAYS! Only $0.99 Ravencrest book 1 & 2



Amazon.com: Lucinda's Story: Book One (Ravencrest 1) eBook : Stevens, Lizzy, Miller, Steve: Kindle Store

September 2018
Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #16,128 Paid in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store)
#11 in Kindle Store > Kindle Short Reads > 90 minutes (44-64 pages) > Science Fiction & Fantasy
#51 in Kindle Store > Kindle Short Reads > 90 minutes (44-64 pages) > Literature & Fiction

Lucinda Ravencrest’s whole world was turned upside down when her aunt that she barely knew left an estate to her. There were stipulations to it. She could not sell the estate and she had to take care of the people who lived there was what she was told.

What she found out when she got there was nothing like she was told. Secrets started to come out, and some were downright crazy

Lucinda didn’t know whether to run or to embrace this crazy new life. How was she to handle all of this?

Amazon.com: Ravencrest Book Two: Preparing For Battle eBook : Stevens, Lizzy, Miller, Steve: Kindle Store

Lucinda had settled into her role as the head of the Ravencrest clan but now everything was at stake. She was about to lead them into the battle of a lifetime. They had to fight the Underwood clan. The same clan that had taken her father’s life. Feelings of anger and revenge were running through her veins.
There was only one way to successfully beat them. It wouldn’t be easy. It would be dangerous and lives could be lost.

Will Lucinda be able to be the leader that her clan needs? Will she be able to claim the victory?


 December 16th


Deep Dark Secrets - Kindle edition by Stevens, Lizzy. Paranormal Romance Kindle eBooks @ Amazon.com.

Amazon Best Seller
#65 Kindle eBooks > Romance > Paranormal > Demons & Devils

Evan Sanders was destined to a life of fighting. He wasn’t an ordinary man. He was a lycanthrope. Not only was he a werewolf but he was the pack’s leader. His mission in life was to protect humankind from vampires. Everything was on track for their big gathering of the full moon. Battle plans were laid out for the upcoming war between the werewolves and the vampires. Nothing would get in the way.

That’s what he thought until she walked into his life.
Cheyanne Willows was banging on his door one night needing help. She was on the run from vampires.

It wasn’t long before Evan learned that Cheyanne wasn’t an ordinary woman. She had no clue how powerful she was or why they were after her. He had to protect her from the vampires.

How could Evan focus on the battle and protect Cheyanne at the same time?



The Road Less Travelled - Kindle edition by Stevens, Lizzy, Miller, Steve. Contemporary Romance Kindle eBooks @ Amazon.com.

Mia had dreams of being successful and becoming a Best-Selling author but she wouldn’t take shortcuts to get there. She worked hard in every aspect of her life.
She didn’t have much family to speak of but Nate and Mary were more family to her than her real family. She would do anything for them and they for her. They owned the diner that Mia worked at.
Everything changed for Mia when Nate had to have a back surgery and be out of work for weeks. They called in their nephew, Mason, to help them during their time of need. Mia knew Mason when she was a child but hadn’t seen him in years. She didn’t know what to expect since the only thing she could remember was a boy that used to pick on her and pull her ponytail when they were young.
Mia and Mason spent a lot of time together as the weeks passed. They grew closer and both gave everything they had to help Nate and Mary.
Mia got a call from a film producer interested in one of her books but she needed to fly to L.A. to have a meeting with him. She didn’t want to go alone because it would be nice to have a friend along for the trip. However, there was no way that Mary or Nate could come with her because of Nate’s surgery. Mia was surprised when Mason offered to go along with her.
Was Mason only spending time with Mia because he felt like he should? Or Were they beginning to become more than friends?

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 FREE December 14th - 18th

The Long Road To Love - Kindle edition by Stevens, Lizzy , Miller, Steve. Literature & Fiction Kindle eBooks @ Amazon.com.

In this romantic comedy Jack and Jade, who have been best friends since childhood are both dating all the wrong people. After a date they meet up and discuss how horrible it was. Their dates generally go from bad to worse. Jack has been on dates where the girl is marrying them on the first date and Jade has been on dates where the guy asks her to help him rob a bank. They continue on down this long road to love leaning on each other through all the wrong turns.

December 15th - 19th

Brandon's Secret - Kindle edition by Stevens, Lizzy, Miller, Steve. Literature & Fiction Kindle eBooks @ Amazon.com.

Rochelle moves to the beach to get her life back on track after her mother dies in a car accident. Shortly after she arrives she meets tall, dark and sexy Brandon. Night after night he shows up at her beach house and they have a great time together, but he never comes around during the day. Where does he go all day? He says that he is at work all day , but Rochelle decides to do a little digging around and unveils more than she wants to. What secret is Brandon keeping? “Brandon’s Secret” is a short story packed with romance, mystery, and secrets.

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On Sale for the holidays! Don't Make A Wish & The Long Road To Love


December 13th - 20th


Don't Make A Wish - Kindle edition by Stevens, Lizzy, Miller, Steve, Miller, Jason, Miller, Noah. Romance Kindle eBooks @ Amazon.com.

A Portion of all of the proceeds of this book will be given to:

The Epilepsy Foundation
"The National Office accepts direct donations via mail at:
Mailing Address:
Epilepsy Foundation
8301 Professional Place East,
Suite 200
Landover, MD 20785-2353
Telephone: 1-800-332-1000

This book has two short stories in one. The first one is:
Don’t Make A Wish.
Written by International Best Selling Author Lizzy Stevens her husband Steve Miller and their two boys Jason Miller and Noah Miller.

Tara’s day goes from bad to worse when she finds a lamp while cleaning out her grandma’s attic after she died. She found an old lamp with a note attached. ““Whoever finds this lamp, Take my advice. Do not rub the lamp. Do not make a wish. Put it back where you found it and run away.” Tara thought her grandma was just making a joke until she accidently rubbed the lamp and the genie popped out.

Mark, the Genie of the lamp, was not very happy to be a genie any longer. He wanted out of his life. So what he did to show that he wasn’t happy was that no matter what the person wished for he would twists and turn the words of the wish and make it a little more fun for him and not so much fun for the person who made the wish.

After two wishes went in the wrong direction, Tara wished to be left alone which in turn, Mark sent her to a deserted Island. He thought he was being his usual funny self until his punishment was to be sent there with her, but he was sent without his powers.
How will this all work out for Mark and Tara? How will they get off the island without his powers?

December 14th - 21st

A Lost Memory - Kindle edition by Stevens, Lizzy, Steve Miller. Contemporary Romance Kindle eBooks @ Amazon.com.

Amazon Best Seller

#36 in Kindle Store >Kindle eBooks > Fiction > Genre Fiction > Romance > Short Stories

Alley wakes up in a strange bed. She has no idea who she is or where she is. Pain shoots through her head like a bolt of lightning every time she moves. As she drifts off to sleep images of a faraway land and a handsome man with sandy blonde hair and six pack abs fills her head. He keeps saying “Alley come back to me.” Who is he and how does she know him?
Chapter One

Alley lay in bed in a strange room. Glancing around nothing was familiar. Where was she? She sat up, a tingle creeping up her spine. What was going on? Anxious to get out of there, Alley yanked away the blanket and stood. Pain shot through her head, threatening to blow it apart. Her finger pressed her temple instinctively to ease the pain. She felt a bandage taped to her forehead. What has happened to me? Where am I? No longer able to withstand the pain, she lay back down.
Drifting off to sleep, images of a young man filled her dreams. She didn’t recognize him, but he was handsome with six pack abs and long sandy blonde hair that brushed the top of his shoulders. But who was he?
Alley come back to me. The man seemed to know her, but she didn’t recognize him at all.
Alley was awakened by the sound of the door opening. She saw a woman standing in the doorway holding a ceramic bowl of water.
“Oh, sweetie! You’re awake,” the woman said as tears rolled down her face. She wiped at them as she walked over to the bed.
Alley stared at her not knowing what to say. Am I supposed to know this woman?
“Oh, Alley, I know you’re confused, honey. It’s me, Mom.”
Alley glanced around the room for answers but none came to her. “Mom?” she asked, puzzled.
“Yes dear, you’ve been in a terrible accident and the doctor warned us that your memory may be fuzzy when you came to.”
“An accident? What kind of accident?” Alley didn’t understand anything at that moment. She didn’t remember any accident.
“Honey, don’t push yourself to remember right now. We’ll talk about this later. I need to call your doctor and get him over here to examine you at once.” She turned and hurried out of the room.
Alley sat there more confused than she was before. She hoped the doctor would be able to shed some light on what was going on.
She glanced around the room and saw an antique dresser with three drawers made from mahogany. In the corner stood a full length mirror. The four-poster bed where she lay was draped in a sheer white canopy. Beside the bed was a small table where her mother placed the ceramic bowl of water. In the opposite corner sat a rocking chair with a red and white quilt folded neatly over the back. Everything looked neat and well taken care of, but none of it looked familiar.

* * *
A while later there was a knock at her door.
“Come in,” Alley called from across the room.
The woman who claimed to be her mother was standing there with a man in a white lab coat.
“Alley this is Doctor Monroe.” she said as they walked closer to the bed.
Doctor Monroe carried his black medical bag and set it on the bed beside Alley. He removed the stethoscope to give Alley a thorough examination. He checked her heartbeat, pulse and blood pressure. Then he moved onto the bandage on her head. “Everything looks good Alley. I’m going to redress your wound and give you some pain medicine to help with the swelling.”
“Doctor, I don’t know who I am. I can’t remember anything. I don’t even recognize my own mother. What happened to me? What kind of accident was I in?”

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Free for the holidays. December 12th - 16th

#36 in Kindle Store > Kindle Short Reads > 45 minutes (22-32 pages) > Science Fiction & Fantasy

Kelly wasn’t like other women. She was locked in a castle. Ghost by day. Human by night. Day after day, the same thing. She was cursed. She could never leave the castle grounds.
There was only one way to break the curse but it had to be done by somebody else and she couldn’t tell them how to do it. They had to figure it out on their own and she had to find this person.
Would she ever find them? Would they break the curse?

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FREE For The Holidays! ~ Cupid's Mistake

 FREE for the Holidays!  December 11th - 15th

This 1800 word Quick Read by International Best Selling Author Lizzy Stevens is a fun and fast way to spend a few extra minutes that you have.

Kylie Is a Cupid in training. She is one of the best at making love connections. She gets to work bright and early, is handed her assignments, and goes right to work. But one night she thinks what could the harm be in making a love connection all on her own? Why does she need to be told who to connect? She’s good at her job. One of the best in fact. So why not just give it a shot? Well she soon learns there are many reasons why you don’t just go out and do it on your own. Kylie makes a big mistake. How will she fix this problem?

Thursday, December 9, 2021

FREE FOR THE HOLIDAYS! A Surprise For Christmas

 FREE for the holidays Dec. 10th - 14th

Samantha wasn’t expecting what she got for Christmas this year. Her doorbell rang and there sitting on her porch was a baby in a basket. This changes her life for the good. But then something happens. The baby’s father comes for his child. How can Samantha convince him that she is the best thing for the child?



Amazon.com: Karma Is A Bitch eBook : Stevens, Lizzy, Miller, Steve: Kindle Store

Karmas are immortals that kept the not so good people in line. They lived by the motto “Do bad things bad things will happen.” Tessa Waters was one of the best Karmas of the Karma realm. However, she wasn’t the fastest. She would watch over the realms, Earth, being her main realm. When she saw somebody not behaving she would send down a Karma punishment on that person. They were always funny and made the other Karmas laugh but she wasn’t fast enough. The head Karma thought it would help Tessa if instead of watching from a far she went down to Earth and passed out the punishments up close. Maybe that would make her faster. She could not return until she hit 100 Karmas. Tessa thought that would be no problem. Until the trickster of all tricksters, Loki, got in her way. How was she supposed to pass out Karmas if Loki was right in the way playing pranks on everyone? Now Tessa had to deal with the trouble makers and Loki. How was she supposed to hit her goal of 100 and make it back home?

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On Sale For The Holidays! Only $0.99 Winter Romance



On Sale for $0.99 December 8th - 15th

#75 in Kindle Store > Books > Literature & Fiction > Contemporary Fiction > Short Stories

Jennifer Mahoney meets Jeffrey, the love of her life, the winter of her senior year in high school. Jeffrey, her best friend's cousin, is visiting for the holidays. He is in town for the winter break staying with his aunt and uncle. Jennifer spends every waking moment with him and falls in love fast. She thought it was a lasting love and that they would be together forever. However, timing is way off for Jennifer and Jeffrey. Life is getting in the way. He suddenly leaves without a word.

Ten years pass and Jennifer has to bury her best friend and become the mother to her child all at once. She runs into Jeffrey during this time and finds herself very angry with him. Her head and heart are flooded with emotions she thought she buried years ago.

How will she handle everything happening in her life? Is there any hope left for her and Jeffrey?

Tuesday, December 7, 2021

On Sale for the holidays: Blackbeard's Treasure

 ON SALE: $0.99 

Blackbeard's Treasure - Kindle edition by Stevens, Lizzy, Miller, Steve. Contemporary Romance Kindle eBooks @ Amazon.com.

Edward Teach, better known as the pirate Blackbeard, was killed November 22, 1718. Two months before, he purposely ran his ship, Queen Anne’s Revenge, aground at what is now called Beaufort Inlet.

He emptied the ship of all treasures into his other ship, The Tender, and fled to where nobody knows. Two months later, when he reappeared, he was killed in battle, and his body was tossed into the ocean. To this day, nobody knows where the treasure went.

For years, people have searched high and low for his treasure. It has been said that Blackbeard said nobody but he and the devil knew where it was located.
Cassie Andrews returns to Branson Missouri to clean out her grandfather’s house, who recently passed away. While emptying the attic she comes across an old diary belonging to a woman who claims to have been married to Edward Teach. Cassie soon realizes that she holds the key to the famous Blackbeard’s Treasure.

Cassie turns to her friend Levi for help in finding the treasure. "In her zeal to uncover the clues to Blackbeard's Treasure Cassie lands herself in the hospital.

Attraction explodes off the page as Levi nurses Cassie back to health and together they experience the adventure of a lifetime to uncover their true feelings for one another and Blackbeard's Treasure

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Free books! Day 1 December 6th

 The holidays are coming so I wanted to let everyone read my books for free or priced low as a thank you for supporting me all of these years. As always all of my books are free every day with Kindle Unlimited. You can find my Amazon author page here:

Amazon.com: Lizzy Stevens: Books, Biography, Blog, Audiobooks, Kindle

For those of you who are not members of Kindle Unlimited I will be giving away or having my books on sale from December 6th - 23rd. I will post it here on my blog what is going on that day and week, but you can always go to my Amazon page and see things there.

Free December 6th - December 10th


This book is not intended for young children. The Angry Snowman has some violence and destruction in the story.

The town is attacked by an angry snowman. This town didn’t get the nice looking fun to be around snowman that sat in yards every Winter. What they got was an angry snowman that terrorized their town destroying everything in sight.

After watching the destruction this snowman was doing the townspeople decided to fight back. They went on the attack. Who would win this big crazy battle? Would it be the Angry Snowman or would it be the townspeople?

            FREE ONE DAY  ONLY! December 6th.

#37 in Kindle Store > Kindle Short Reads > One hour (33-43 pages) > Romance
#52 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Literature & Fiction > Religious & Inspirational Fiction > Christian > Romance > Contemporary

Caterina Daniels was having a hard time. She had no real friends and her only family member, her grandpa, had cancer with a few days left to live. She didn’t know how much more she could handle when she walked into the hospital chapel, looked up to the ceiling, and said the words…

“God. If you do exist.” She let out a big sigh. “I mean. God. If you are there, I’m sorry for whatever I have done to make you mad at me.”

She thought the chapel was empty. But an older woman named Martha was sitting over to side. When Caterina met Martha it changed her whole life. Martha becomes a close friend to her. Caterina leans on her through her difficult time.

Martha sends her son, Jackson, to Caterina to help through a difficult time. Caterina and Jackson become fast friends but is there more than friendship waiting for them?

Free the 6th - the 10th

The Christmas Wish - Kindle edition by Stevens, Lizzy, Miller, Steve . Romance Kindle eBooks @ Amazon.com.

Bethany’s life is turned upside down when she lost the love of her life Tyson on Christmas. A year goes by when she is suddenly offered a chance to undo the past by Fate dressed up as Santa. Is this for real? Can she really make a wish on a star and get her beloved back or is somebody playing a mean trick on her?

Also included is a Bonus Story.
"A Surprise For Christmas"

FREE December 6th - 10th

A year had passed since Eve lost the love of her life, Dillon, in a car accident. Strange thing started to happen. The radio started playing one of Dillon’s favorite songs and nothing would make it stop. When she got out of the hot shower words would form on the fogged-up mirror. What was happening? Who was doing this? Could it really be Dillon trying to tell her something?

Short story ~ Quick read

Free the 6th - the 10th

Alicia Andrews wanted the perfect day. She had planned her wedding from the time she was a little girl. She was marrying the perfect guy and everything was going to be perfect. Or was it? Not everything went as it was supposed to. How does Alicia handle the setbacks? Does she get her happy day?

~ Quick Read