Monday, June 28, 2021

Guest Blogger: Glenn Berggoetz

 5 Things you don't know about Glenn Berggoetz

1. I have been a college English professor for nearly two decades.
2. I was a first-team all-conference and honorable mention all-American baseball player in college.
3. I'm the guitarist and primary singer for the band Norwegian Soft Kitten, which will be releasing its second album in 2021.
4. I have written and directed twelve feature films, six of which have received a limited theatrical run.
5. I can eat more doughnuts in one sitting than anyone you know.

Robert is an elderly man who suffers from cognitive decline. Before he can no longer function and deal with the world around him, Robert undertakes the journey of a lifetime to try to find redemption for an act that occurred in his teens and has haunted him for nearly sixty years.

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