Monday, February 24, 2020

Guest blogger Dianne Hartsock

                                                      Belega The Karthagans Book 1 by [Hartsock, Dianne]

The Karthagans have regained their ancient powers of manipulating nature, but at the price of madness. In their lust for control they’ve destroyed their island and most of their race. They come now to Belega where one of them, Camron, seeks domination over the known world. The Mage has come from the northern continent of Sennia to bring peace, but finding his strength no match for the coming struggle, he passes his abilities on to Natan, who only desires a simple life. Now only Natan has the ability to stop Camron, but the personal cost is more than he imagines. It is only with the combined strength of his friends, his Karthagan lover, Kavi, and his deep desire to bring peace to the earth, that he finds the courage to overcome Camron and restore balance to the world. The power of the mind is immense. In this world, mankind has learned to gather the energies of creation to use at their whim. But absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Friday, February 21, 2020

Guest Blogger: Serena Gucci

                                    Who Needs Tomorrow by [Gucci, Serena]

"Bonjour Mademoiselle.” ‘Two words. Two simple little words. And though the voice that spoke them was one she hadn’t heard in nearly fifteen years it was as familiar and intimate to her as her own personal brand of perfume.’The last person Chloe Lavalle expected to see in her boss’s office was Alex Martin, a lover from her past. But it seems he’s never forgotten her, as she was his top pick as lead interpreter for his company’s green energy talks with Russia at the United Nations. Hesitant at first, that their association would spark up old feelings, Chloe ultimately agrees. Chloe and Alex maintain their professional facades, though they are constantly fielding sexual tension during the talks until the last night, where after a banquet at The Plaza Hotel, their defences melt away. The lovers reach an impasse, until the last day of the conference, when things go terribly wrong. Terrorists take over the United Nations building and seize Chloe, Alex and their entire delegation as bargaining chips. Can a nightmarish thirteen hours as hostages in the UN Secretariat Building, a daring escape from their terrorist captors and assisting Navy SEAL’s in saving their delegation from certain death, reclaim their impassioned love?With an international setting, a tenacious, empowered woman as the protagonist and a loving, strong, but flawed man as her love interest, Who Needs Tomorrow will draw you in and keep you reading until the very last page.

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Guest blogger: Tanya Reimer

                              The Box by [Reimer, Tanya]

Inspiration can’t be contained in a box...

After Greg’s father goes missing from their boring lives, Greg finds an empty box while cleaning out his apartment. The contents inspire him to see things outside the box, but will he brave stepping into it?

Sunday, February 16, 2020

The Cover Is Not The Book

                          For all Authors and Readers

From Mary Poppins Returns
Song she is singing at the Royal Doulton Music Hall

He said a cover is not the book
So open it up and take a look
'Cause under the covers one discovers
That the king may be a crook
Chapter titles are like signs
And if you read between the lines
You'll find your first impression was mistook
For a cover is nice, but a cover is not the book

Remember this song. Don't judge a book by its cover! You might miss out on a great book!