Monday, June 21, 2021

Guest Blogger Beth Orion


5 Things you don't know  about Beth Orion

1- Beth used to kiss 117 posters of Boy George goodnight before going to bed!
2- Beth’s Favourite animals are cats and octopuses and her favourite wrestlers are AEW’s Bastard Pac and Jon Moxley.
3- Her (sweaty) sister kissed Ragnar from Amazon’s Vikings in a pub one night after her running session...
4-Beth once served canapés at a live Eurovision Song Contest in Dublin...
5-In an effort to overcome her abject terror of heights, and to raise money for charity, Beth once did a bungee jump but they had to push her off the crane...(and it didn’t even cure her height’s fear!)

“The Overlord and I” has at its starting point an updated take on the old tale of a school-teacher’s relationship with an all-powerful regent. Noel is the young school-teacher concerned who discovers his surprising ability to fall head over heels for an all-powerful, gothic-looking, alien being, whilst simultaneously realising that his treatment by his human lover is bordering on abusive. Will Noel have the strength to make the best life choices for himself? Will he leave Bill The Bruiser for black-winged Zy’Thra-Lyn? Has he the confidence to side with the Invaders against Humankind…even though when it comes to Kindness, the aliens certainly seem to have the upper hand? And could sleeping with a triple-phallused alien be any worse than what Bill put him through? If nothing else, should he throw himself with abandon into the romance and precarious adventure involved with dating in space? Quirky and intriguing, this is a story you will love telling your friends about…quick – best read it before they do!

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