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Guest Blogger: SGT SLAUGHTER

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Monday, August 23, 2021

Friday, August 13, 2021

Help Noah get to The Mayo Clinic


Fundraiser by Melissa Miller : Help get Noah to the Mayo Clinic (

Hi, Our names are Steve and Melissa and we are fundraising for money to pay for our son to be seen at The Mayo Clinic. He has been going through a lot of medical difficulties over the past several years.


He was diagnosed with Epilepsy and has been going to Children's Hospital in St. Louis for years.


It started with him having seizures and they prescribed him with medication. That medicine wasn't stopping the seizures so they kept increasing the medicine until it was maxed out past what he should have been taking.


Next they added a second medication.


Next they did an MRI that showed he had a Cavernous Malformation. They said that wouldn't be causing the seizures though. So nothing needed to be done.

What is cavernous malformation?

Cavernous Malformations (Cavernomas) What is a cavernous malformation (CM)? A cavernous malformation (CM) is an abnormal cluster of capillaries and venules (tiny blood vessels) that periodically bleed and give rise to a "popcorn-like" lesion in the brain or spinal cord with very thin walls that contains blood of different ages.


Steve used google and did a lot of research. He called the doctors and said everything he had researched showed that yes the Cavernoma could be the cause of the seizures. So the doctors decided that yes that needed to be taken care of. They did a Laser Ablation surgery on our son's brain to remove the cavernoma. We thought that it worked because his seizures stopped for about 6 months but then they started back up.


Next we go in for an appointment with the surgeon who tells us that the Laser surgery didn't do what it was supposed to. He used his hands and made a circle with his fingers. He held up one hand with his thumb and finger making a circle and said we told the laser to go here then he held up his other hand with his thumb and finger making a circle and overlapped the two showing how they didn't match up and said but in stead in went here. He showed that the laser missed the mark and that was the problem. He said that we needed to now have a craniotomy done to remove the rest of the cavernoma. Because the laser didn't get it all.


Next step is the craniotomy. ( After EEGs and MRIs and more medicine adjustments)

Our son has that done. He is still having seizures and after a few more medication changes where they would prescribe one and it not work for him and change to another one.


They said that he now needs a 3rd surgery. Here are the reason why on that.

The 2nd surgery didn't fix it. The MRI says that there are old blood products at the resection site.


Resection site is where they did surgery. It shows that there are old blood products there. All that would need removed. Google ( and yes we use Google a lot LOL )says the only reason for old blood product to be there is a mishap during the surgery. Not sure what those mishaps are because they won't tell us anything about that.


Now we get to this point. His surgeon has left the hospital and moved out of state to work at a different hospital. We are at the point of knowing that he needs another surgery to remove all of the white matter and old blood products caused from the 1st 2 surgeries but it can't be done unless all the doctors agree and they won't agree. His neurologist showed us an MRI and pointed to a spot on it and said this right here needs to be removed. I said ok just so we are all on the same page here and there are no false hopes are you saying that if he has a surgery and that is removed will it fix everything and he won't have any more seizures. She said I feel that he would be seizure free if this was taken care of. But before they will move forward with it They want him to do a lot of other things first before they will even consider another surgery to fix this. They said they need a 2nd opinion saying that yes a surgery is what he needs before they will even consider it. They have already put him through several EEG and MRIs. Plus they sent us out of state to get a much better test for collecting data called a MEG. But they say all that imaging and data isn't enough. They want him to go in and have an in the hospital stay for an EEG that has electrodes hooked to his brain. This would be a minor surgery to install the electrodes and they would be removed afterwards. While he is there for a week to 2 they want to take all of his medication away so they can induce really big seizures and collect the data on that. They said one wouldn't be enough and small ones wouldn't be enough they would need him to have several big seizures. At this point his doctor suggested that he get a second opinion.


That brings us to The Mayo Clinic. We wanted the best. If our son needs to go to another doctor then we want the best. We called them and they said to send them as much data as we could then they would determine if they could give us an appointment or if they felt like his doctors were doing everything they could and then they wouldn't be able to give us an appointment. We sent them MRI imaging, EEG and MEG testing imaging and reports.


They called back and said yes they can give him an appointment. They do not accept his insurance and they want all the money upfront to get started.


Here is what they want to do and the cost of it.

This will all be the week of Sept. 3rd - the 13th. We live out of the state so we will need to stay in a hotel for the time. The fundraising funds will pay for gas to travel there, hotel stay, food, and all the doctor visits and testing. All receipts will be kept and anything not spent will be donated to St. Paul Lutheran High School for charity to help other families in need. We are not trying to make money off our kid. We are just looking for help to pay for all of this. He can't go on like this. He is 17 years old a high school senior now and he can't drive. He can't really do much of anything because his seizures are uncontrollable right now. He has missed out on the every day teenage boy life. Now we are close to getting it fixed but still have hurdles to jump over before he gets his life back.


Cost to the Mayo Clinic on arrival:

EEG $1238

Office visit with Dr. $870

Covid Screening $82

Sleep deprived Epilepsy monitoring $5000

PET MRI - $11,130

There will be more costs after all these test they will move forward with a surgery. The surgery will have a cost of
it's own.  One step at a time. For now the total for him to be seen and have these test done will be $18,320 This has to be upfront on the day we show up.




Thank you all!

Fundraiser by Melissa Miller : Help get Noah to the Mayo Clinic (

Our Son's Medical Journey

Can anyone tell me why money has anything to do with a child getting the medical attention they need? I'm absolutely disgusted that it does. This accepted standard of care for our youth is unacceptable!

Steve Miller

Thursday, July 22, 2021

Guest blogger: James G. Robertson

Death comes, and misery follows. As a man in his early twenties, Leon never genuinely contemplated what would happen after his death. Like those before him, he never understood the truth of our universe. After his sudden demise, the terrorizing reality of a mysterious dystopian afterlife begins crushing him as it has those prior. Men have started enslaving and killing each other to sate their greed while enigmatic creatures oppress the masses. Only a select few have shown the courage that is needed to challenge their supremacy.

Through this eclipsing darkness, there is hope. But will that hope prove to be enough to save this turbulent cosmos? The revelations of advanced science, magic, human savagery, and even our gods will be showcased. Both in a new light and disturbing darkness, will the verities of Earth and Afterworld give him a greater understanding of our universe; or in turn, begin to break him as they have done to so many before?


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Monday, July 19, 2021

Guest Bloggers: Kindle Vella Story Authors

Welcome to my blog these authors of Kindle Vella stories. Check out their stories.

Sirens of the Sea By: K.C. Sprayberry A curse from many years ago haunts Dane's family. When faced with vindictive sea creatures bent on revenge, he must make a choice - to run or protect his family's secret. Coming of age, family history, secrets hidden, vengeance, humans, mermaids, underwater adventure

Have you ever thought how it feels hearing the sound of the raindrops crashing onto the ground? Have you ever come to a point where you felt helpless because you were starving and you didn't know how to satisfy the need to stop your hunger?

PI Zach investigates the mystery of the murder of a female council member

Make Love Not War | Kindle Vella (

A historic tale of the Vietnam War, returning home, and starting over. This poignant tale follows Christopher Douglas from the war torn jungle to a hometown on the brink of extinction. He heals himself along with the town as everyone works to rebuild.

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

It's official we are Award Winning authors!

 We had to share the exciting news. We were just notified that we won. It's official Lizzy Stevens and Steve Miller are now award winning authors.

#36 in Kindle Store > Kindle Short Reads > 45 minutes (22-32 pages) > Science Fiction & Fantasy

Kelly wasn’t like other women. She was locked in a castle. Ghost by day. Human by night. Day after day, the same thing. She was cursed. She could never leave the castle grounds.
There was only one way to break the curse but it had to be done by somebody else and she couldn’t tell them how to do it. They had to figure it out on their own and she had to find this person.
Would she ever find them? Would they break the curse?

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Make Love Not War -- Amazon Vella series

 Kindle Vella (

A historic tale of the Vietnam War, returning home, and starting over. This poignant tale follows Christopher Douglas from the war torn jungle to a hometown on the brink of extinction. He heals himself along with the town as everyone works to rebuild.

Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Funny story about a wrong number call we got

 I had to share this funny story with you. So, yesterday I get a phone call on my cell phone and it's a recording saying it's the county jail would I accept the collect call from and the person says their name. I can't hear the name but I say to Steve I'm not accepting the collect call. Those things are crazy expensive and I don't know anyone in jail. He says but what if you know them and they just got there on some misunderstanding or something. I said it's probably a wrong number. Well a little while goes by and I get the same call from the same person wanting us to accept their collect call, but I got to my phone too late. I said this is crazy. Steve again says yes but you don't know for sure. It could be somebody you know that is really trying to get in touch with you for help. Well about an hour later I get the call again. So 3 times and after I don't accept the call a couple seconds later I get a text message. The text says it's a 7 second message voicemail of the inmate trying to get in touch with you. You can listen to the message for $4.22 I said this is ridiculous. This person seriously has called 3 times. Do they not understand they are calling the wrong person LOL But Steve says you are probably right but for 4 bucks you have to make sure that it's not one of our friends or family in trouble. I said ok for that amount I will find out LOL So I pay the $4.22 and we listen to the message. You are not going to believe this 😂

We hit play and this is what we heard a woman say:

Mike I know it's you. Answer the phone.

So this woman called the wrong number 3 times and then yelled at the voicemail that she knows it's him and he needs to answer the phone. 😂 I don't know who this Mike is but I'm betting she isn't going to believe him when he tells her he never got any calls from her. 😂😂😂

We hope it made you smile, 

Stop by Twitter if you want to leave a comment about it.

Lizzy Stevens on Twitter: "Had to share a funny story with you that happened yesterday. Too long to write here so it's on my blog if you want to see it." / Twitter

Lizzy Stevens and Steve Miller