Saturday, October 26, 2019

Guest Blogger: Sandra Waine

                                                 Down East Desires (The Anchor and Mermaid Series Book 1) by [Waine, Sandra]

Down East Desires is set in one of the most remote, yet lovely areas of Down East Maine. The small fishing village of Lubec. Splash in a dash of the neighboring Canadian Island of Campobello, the FBI, swindling, a lively aunt, and handsome marine biologist and you have all the makings of a suspenseful, yet beautiful story.

At the ripe age of six, Amelia Rhodes spent more than a decade at her Aunt Irene’s cottage in Lubec. Hours upon hours in this craggy, cliffside town enjoying the delights of an oceanside village. It was here that a young girl’s imaginary delights focused on one lad in particular. Simon Bradford.

Yet, encounters with Simon over the years were deeply ingrained upon her heart. It truly was a growing young girl’s crush on an older boy that never dampened. Not even as the years passed.

After college, her trips to Maine stopped. But then a twisted turn of events involving her Aunt Irene’s retirement, property and business forced Amelia to return. To investigate who was making an offer and ensure it was all above board.

Irene needed Mel’s help. Her CPA background. But more than that she just needed her to come back to Lubec. To a place, Mel loved above all other. Return to a village that needed her. Return to a man that needed her even more. Especially now.

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