Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Guest blogger: Kevin Bouchard

Gwendolyn Quinn’s dreams are all coming true. She’s moving to the Cape Cod town of South Port and the house by the sea that she’s always envisioned. But these are but the final pieces to her already realized life’s ambition, because Gwendolyn Quinn had lived most of her days as Christopher Quinn, a man.Now, with the gender confirmation surgeries behind her, Gwen is ready to begin her life anew. But all dreams come with a price. She must also come to terms with the tragic history of her new house, because eighteen years earlier an enigmatic woman named Ophelia Raine was murdered there and her killer was never apprehended.In spite of these dark tidings Gwen is determined to find happiness in her adopted home. Now, with her newfound friends, Gwen has set sail into her new life. But South Port is an old town and not all of its inhabitants have rolled out the welcome mat for its newest citizen.And Gwen’s friends are becoming gravely concerned with her growing obsession with the late Ophelia Raine as well as her uncanny resemblance to the dead woman. And as Gwen digs deeper into the past, it becomes dangerously evident that someone has noticed her sleuthing, someone with deadly intentions.Suddenly Gwen finds herself in a race with the unknown killer to uncover the truth behind the murder and discover the secret of the House of Ophelia Raine.

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