Thursday, January 13, 2022

Guest blogger James Moushon


New Release
TIMEOUT! by James Moushon
A Jonathon Stone Mystery Novel
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The wind was blowing briskly off the ocean with a slight mist in the air.
Jonathon is dispatched to San Diego with Chuck Chun, another CIA special agent. The CIA had received an alert. A notorious arms dealer was arriving in San Diego with a large number of guns and explosives on a freighter from the Far East. This dealer had been very elusive for a long time.
At the same time, FBI Agent Jodi Shannon and Agent Brian Baker from LA join the San Diego FBI field office team in a joint investigation. Their assignment: Get to the bottom of a white-collar crime, sports fixing.”
At the center of things was Willy Payne, a veteran basketball player for the San Diego Bays. He quickly becomes the focus of both investigations.
Eventually, Payne runs out of time.
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This is the fourth novel in the Jonathon Stone Mystery series which includes 17 short stories.
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Another FREE Stones Short Story coming soon.
James Moushon

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