Friday, July 17, 2020

Guest Blogger: L.B. Carter


Larkynn Bern had prepared for death. Instead, life won’t let her go.

A painful death was inevitable as cancer ravaged Larkynn’s body, but the reaper’s pull came much sooner. And it toyed with her. After a near-death fall that did kill her best friend, her mind dragged her to the bowels of Hell. Locked in a psych ward, she hallucinated demons, zombies, and her deceased friend.

She should have joined them, but Larkynn slipped right through the reaper's fingers.

Larkynn's soul has gone missing from Hell, and it's up to a plucky cast of souls to find her without the living becoming aware. But they’ve got their their own troubles. Can Larkynn escape on her own? When it comes to saving her soul or thousands of others, will she let humanity suffer or sacrifice herself by making the ultimate deal with the Devil?

From Internationally Bestselling author L.B. Carter comes book four in the Loan Soul Series, the popular dark paranormal contemporary fantasy with a sardonic twist! Fans of sardonic humor, slow-burn romance, brooding demons, and snarky heroines will love this quirky series finale. Perfect for fans of Supernatural, Lucifer, and Good Omens.

Grab your copy and prepare for this award-winning series to possess your soul or start the series with One Loan Soul for FREE on Kindle Unlimited!

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