Friday, March 20, 2020

Solstice Publishing authors

Solstice Publishing and the authors are offering books free, starting March 23 and going through March 27. These authors will be offering you action, adventure, romance, and so much more!
Lynne Marino: Five Things, The Cha-Cha Affair

Missy Turner: The Push

Richard Dalglish, Author: Murder in the Querl
Jim Osborne: Secret Shepherd

Margaret Egrot: And Alex Still Has Acne, Cast Off

Robert Hoppensteadt: Spawn of the Cataclysm

Simon Maltman: A Chaser on the Rocks, A Kill for the Poet

Author K.C. Sprayberry: Canoples Investigations Tackles Space Pirates, Canoples Investigations Versus Spacers Rule, Canoples Investigations Exposes Space Dodger, Secret Society A Canoples Investigations Novella, Canoples Investigations Pursues Believers, Canoples Investigations Destroys Dusters, Wildcat Crew 1 The Case of the Vanishing Girls Wildcat Crew 1 The Case of the Scared Child, Wildcat Crew 3 The Case of the Missing Brother, Wildcat Crew 4 The Case of Where is Marnie Wildwood?

Stay tuned for links once these books are free on Amazon!

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