Monday, January 20, 2020

Guest Blogger: KC Sprayberry

 My guest blogger today is KC Sprayberry.  Check out her book "A Rainy Night In Georgia"

I read this book and really liked it!                                       

A Rainy Night in Georgia: Teens Interrupted 1 by [Sprayberry, K.C.]

It all begins as a normal day… a very ordinary day. Quarterback of the championship football team, Maverick Anderson has mixed feelings about college next fall. He’ll soon be starting at the bottom again and has to prove himself. First, though, he and his friends plan to spend the night enjoying a movie they’ve all wanted to see. Jo Tomas believes she’s the only person for Maverick. She blames him and his loser current girlfriend for everything that’s wrong in her life. Nobody but nobody disrespects her like he has. She agrees to see a movie she thinks is dumb but has heard Maverick will be there. Their lives intersect on a rainy Georgia night. Caught up in texting and driving, drinking and getting high, Jo’s angry about the problems in her life and takes her rage out on Maverick. The fallout from that night will change their futures in a way neither anticipated. 

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